Urban Fantasy vs. Fantasy or Girls vs. Boys Phoenix Comicon panels part duex #writingtips #rogues

Welcome to part deux of my ventures into Phoenix Comicon writing panels. I saved the best for last. The panel was titled “Writing Rogues” and man, the panelists fit that description to a ‘T’.  Recognize these names: Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles), Patrick Rothfuss (Kingkiller Chronicles), Pierce Brown aka Pretty Boy (Red Rising Trilogy), Sam Sykes (The Aeons’ Gate series), and Scott Lynch (Gentleman Bastards series). If you read fantasy, you know at least one of these. And yes, it did not escape my notice there were no females present (but more of that later).

This workshop focused on the role of the rogue in fantasy series.  You know the ones: Han Solo from Star Wars, Lynch’s Locke, Harry of Jim Butcher fame, Atticus from Kevin’s series, these male characters know how to work that line between bad boy attitude and hero.

They started off with what makes a rogue–flaws, moral grayness (morally transgressive), never sure if they’ll side with you or leave you hanging in the wind, ambivalent, never committed to any cause, unless it’s themselves. They’re the characters you aren’t sure will show up, and when they do, you still aren’t sure what they’re going to do. They break the boundaries of their worlds, have to fight themselves before they fight their antagonist.  Want more examples? Think Snake Eyes from GI Joe, Stryder from LoTR, Cpt. Kirk of USS Enterprise–each one of these is what is described as a “chaotic neutral”.

The panel was an hour long and these guys are high caliber smart asses, witty without trying, and awesome to listen to. Then one of the audience members got up and asked a question.

“Why aren’t there any female rogues in fantasy?”

Silence descends for a moment, then Patrick dares to address the 15 minute rambling that I managed to get down to 8 words.  Because part of that rambling question were comments, such as “why does a female rogue have to be attractive, but a male one doesn’t?”, and “why are female rogues considered $itches”, and “how come its an all male panel?”, and so forth.

It was a big room with lots of people. My heart went out to the panelists. This is a minefield question. The questioner was on the younger side (no offense meant, but it may give insight into the whys behind the questions).

I won’t go into the debate that broke out, but I will boil some of it down:

1. In Fantasy, the world settings tend to model on medieval, which then extends to your world’s attitudes on genders. Patrick posed an interesting question, “If a fantasy author wrote a book where the lead was a mother, who decided to leave her hubby and kiddos, to undertake a heroine’s journey, would the readers be sympathetic?”  My answer as a reader–not me. First, I’m a mom and a wife, and somehow leaving behind the important peeps in my life to undertake some journey to find a magical object, would require serious incentive. Patrick pushed it further. “So say this mom does leave it all behind to do this journey, and say the sexual mores of this world were less puritan than ours, so she can now hook up with males through out her journey without worry of negatively impacting her family behind, would it still work for you?”  Again, me as a reader–um, yuck.

My take away from this one:  Fantasy is based on historical mores/values/cultures, and women, unfortunately did not play dominant roles in those, which is then reflected in high fantasy.

2. Many, many, MANY (did I say many?) times, each of the authors on the panel brought up woman writers who have kick-ass female rogues: Carrie Vaughan, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Laurell Hamilton, Elizabeth Hand, etc.

After much back and forth, guess what I wanted to yell at the minor demon of debate castigating the panel: Yo, honey, you want rogue females? Then PICK UP A DAMN URBAN FANTASY BOOK!  Rogue female characters work in UF because it’s fantasy set in contemporary times, where moral trangsgressiveness is gender blind. You want to know what happen to rogue female leads, yeah they’re kicking ass a few hundred of years after the bad boys of fantasy.

Besides, you tell me, don’t Granuaile from Hearne’s novels, or Karen in Jim’s novels, nail the female rogues roles?

So I refrained from violence, barely, but I still had to vent a bit on this.

Tell me, as I haven’t read the newer High Fantasy lately, are there women rogues in lead roles? Ones that aren’t portrayed as hardened $itches?

Soldiers vs. Aliens…it’s Phoenix Comicon panels! #milspecfic #writingtips

The wild and strange phenomena whipped through Phoenix a few weeks back under the guise of the Phoenix Comicon. The Knight managed to snag a family photo op with the legendary Nathan Fillion, which we have since decided to use for our next Christmas Card. Seriously, we have NEVER taken such a great family pic. I’m going to have to insist Nathan be in EVERY family photo from here on out.

But I digress.  The Prankster Duo, the Knight and I did not don our costume apparel, but did wander the wild paths of comicon for hours marveling at other’s apparel. It’s a visual feast, one I firmly believe every individual should indulge in at least once. While we were there, I snuck into some writing panels, because, yes, that’s what I do. I haunt/stalk other writers hoping their genius shall some how drift along the winds of creation and flutter down upon me so I may enjoy the wonders of their creative minds.

I sat in two panels: Writing Rogues and Military in Spec Fic.

I’m going to hit the Military panel in this post. Check in next week, because I have a huge discussion point for Writing Rogues for next week. I just didn’t want to keep you here for hours. Again, we’re going off my notes, which were jotted down so they may be a bit scattered.

I picked the Military in Spec Fic because I’m getting ready to start the second PSY-IV Teams book and no matter how many times I grill…errr..ask politely, of my military friends, I’m always seeking more information. The panelists were: Daniel Abraham, John Scalzi, Myke Cole, Ty Franck, Weston Ochse.  Just so you know, until this panel I had read Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series, had heard of John Scalzi (who hasn’t? Old Man’s War, Hugo winner for Redshirts…overall smart ass, in a good way), Ty and Daniel write as a team, and my note taking sucks because I don’t have their titles down, and Weston, well, he does SEAL Team 666 and his latest is Grunt Life.

I knew going into a series revolving around military I’d be taking on certain story elements I was going to screw up. After listening to these guys, I’m even more certain of it. But I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Myke is active Coast Guard reserve, Weston actively served, just recently got out to write full-time, Daniel and Ty have immediate family (lots of) who are active military, and so does John. It’s not like they’re unfamiliar with the world, and it’s filled with rules that have their own rules.  That being said, research is key if you’re going to write any story with military ties. It’s vital.

But more than research, you need to listen. Listen to those who’ve walked the walk, take the time to really listen to the stories they tell. Read between the lines at what is not said or how something is said.  Serve as a witness.

All of these writers weave the military with speculation on what happens when we run into an alien force more disciplined, more powerful, more massive than ours? How do the lowly humans survive?

They spoke to characterization, specifically what drives an individual to serve their country. How character decides their loyalty–to the authority, to their team, to those they protect. In actuality most soldiers are loyal to the man/woman fighting next to him, not for the country that sent them out unprepared, or the lofty ideals that won’t save an innocent, not the money or power. If you do a stereotype, you’re doing your writing a disservice because soldiers are just individuals who chose to serve.

The one thing that sung deep for me–there are no right answers to moral dilemmas. There is an entire universe in gray. What’s considered the right thing in an extreme situation varies on the point of view of the person making that choice–the Allied solider, the alien invaders, the officer, the lowly grunt. Each one will face the same situation differently.What you think is the “good” guys, may actually be the “bad” guys. Can a character be a traitor and hero at the same time–yes. Making a moral choice comes down to the individual and what they are willing to do/sacrifice for that choice.

These men were great, and I can’t express how much I appreciated hearing their take on this, because one of my biggest challenges is making sure each member of the PSY-IV comes across as an individual. As much I’d like them all to resemble GI Joe, it ain’t happening, and it would make a damn boring story if it did.

If you love Speculative Fiction with your military suspense, I would recommend any of these authors.

Do you have any others to add to the list?

Meet Guest Author Jami Gray

Jami Gray:

I was captured over at the Story Ape’s tree and made to answer questions before being allowed any bananas this morning. Come check it out!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

Jami Gray

Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for having me over! It’s lovely to have a conversation with another adult without having it end with the words, “Because I said so!”

What is your typical day like? What is your writing routine like?

Very, very different than the “writer’s life” my younger self had created. Instead of inspiring natural landscapes of majestic mountains or idyllic, pristine beaches outside my window, there are stucco walls of my neighbors’ homes, rocks have replaced grass and sand, and those few trees who can survive the Arizona summer are trying desperately to grow on limited amounts of water. I share an office with my hubby and where as others may dream of the day they can retire, I dream of the day where I will have my own office…and it will be beautiful and neat!

When I was younger, I was convinced that as a writer…

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Ms. Author, how does your book grow? #writingtips #RT2014 #wcgoals

During the Romantic Times convention, I had a chance to sit in on numerous workshops. One of my favorites was titled, “The Tortoise and the Hare”.  For once the title actually matched the discussion points. It centered on the writing routines of the gathered authors. To get an idea of who was on this panel, the lovely and talented, Charlaine Harris (of Sookie Stackhouse fame), Angie Fox (Accidental Demon Slayer), Darynda Jones (Charlie Davidson series), Suzanne McLeod (Spellcrackers series) and Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires). Impressive, no?

We got settled in and Leigh Evans of the Shifter Justice novels and moderator, started the ball rolling.

The question every writer asks: what’s your word count like?

D. Jones–outlines, does a fast first draft, takes maybe 2 weeks   (Yeah, I’m gasping for air on that too!) Daily word count= 500, EVERY DAY, which gives her 2 books per year. (In case you didn’t know, she also holds an outside full time job, and is a mama). Generally makes deadlines early.

S. McLeod–small outline, writes one, pretty clean draft,  3-9 months depending.Word count = 1000K/day, maybe 3K on weekends

A. Fox–has an idea sprinkled with character motivation gets through 4-5 chats, then outlines. First half of story takes 4-5 months, during which she will hit a panic point, then story topples into last half, which speeds by. Writes from 8 am to noon, no word limit. Generally hits 5-7 pages/day. Sets time limits, not word count.

C. Harris–sets a word count, which could render 10 pgs of crap or 3 pgs of great. Doesn’t outline, because she gets bored, she knows her key scenes, mid-point issue. Generally rubs right against the deadline.

C. Neill–needs a motivation for her story, then does synopsis (close your mouth, I’m with you!) Putting together the mystery elements of story is full time job, writes during evenings and weekends, averages between 2-2 and1/2 books per year and maybe a novella or two. Word count = 6-8 pgs/day. Doesn’t do much editing.

Next question: How do you get unstuck?

C. Harris–kill someone (my kind of gal!)

C. Neill–take a walk, get out away from computer, but always come back. No matter what, good or bad, sit your ass in the chair and write. You can’t get better if you don’t write.

A. Fox–never knows how her stories end. Every time she worries, “This is the book that will suck, my readers will hate me/it won’t sell”, has to set it aside for a couple of days to get distance.

S. McLeod–generally if she gets stuck it’s because she’s trying to make her characters do something they don’t want to do. So she steps away, a week/days/hours, let’s subconscious mull it over and comes back.

D. Jones–if she get stuck, it’s because she did something wrong, so she’ll have to go back, find it, and fix it before moving forward.

And lastly: Do you use critique partners? Beta readers?

C. Neill–no crit partner, have great continuity editors, time editors and they hold it all together. If my editors says “Nope, not working”, then I listen, go back and figure it out.

A. Fox–1 crit partner in a different genre, allows a wider view on work, which also results in arguments, but it works. Beta readers are great–identify throw away lines and those who know your universe are the best for helping when you need that little something.

D. Jones–no crit partner, relies on her editors and beta readers to keep continuity, Okay to disagree with editor, but pick your battles wisely. Plus, doesn’t have time to run WIPs through crit partners to make deadlines.

C. Harris–2 beta readers, no crit partner, relies on betas and editors to help keep it all together and catch what she doesn’t.

S. McLeod–1 crit partner, and they exchange work.

So there you have it, a fantastic cross section of NY Times authoresses and how they spin their magic. Realization from workshop: write your damn story, whatever you have to do to do it, DO IT. What works for you, works for a reason so stick with it and don’t worry what the others around you are doing.

Want to know mine:

Six days a week I try to hit between 1200-1500 words, generally at night when the Prankster Duo and Knight are busy defending their computerized worlds from domination.

What works for you?


Breaking News…Hunted By The Past is moving to August…#PNR #newrelease



I won’t go into the long details but will say HUNTED will have more avenues of exposure! Big thank you to my lovely leading lady, Lea Schizas at Muse It Up Publishing for bringing about fantastic opportunities for her authors.

What this means for you, my magnificent readers:

You will have more time, until August 26th, 2014, to pre-order HUNTED BY THE PAST in digital format at the low, low price of $2.99!

And, even more exciting…for those who collect print books, HUNTED should be ready for your collections in print by end of November 2014, just in time for the holidays.

So don’t delay, go reserve your digital copy now and make sure the print book is on your holiday shopping list!

Facing the might of a High School Creative Writing Class…. #HSWriters #writingtips

The last month and half have spun by in a whirlwind. As you could see from the previous posts, I had Shadow’s Moon hit the shelves and coming up in two weeks, Hunted By The Past is making its grand debut. In between these, I attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, the Phoenix Comicon, help to whip the Evil 7 back in line, revamped my website, and set up a ton of guest blogs for the next couple of months.  Basically that long list translates into: Sorry, my posts have been rather generic lately (other than my interviews). 

Apology rendered, let’s get back in the swing of things.  Today, I wanted to share a fantastic experience with you all. 

I’m not the biggest name out there, not by a long shot, and my books are geared towards adults, but I did have to travel up north for the job that pays the bills and something great happened. While there, I touched based with a wonderful friend who just happens to be the Librarian for a local high school. Imagine my astonishment when she asked, “Mind talking to our creative writing class?” 

Me *some what stunned*  “Really? You think they’d want to listen to me?”

Her *genuinely puzzled*  “Seriously? A published author? Why wouldn’t they?”

Her request rendered me into a ball of nerves and excitement. I asked other writer friends what would they have loved to have known in high school before setting foot on the writer road. Then, I began to gather the bits and pieces into one simplified presentation. Nothing formal, because I really wanted to have actual conversations with these budding writers. 

I think I was more nervous and intimidated than they were. Public speaking and I are not on the best of terms. It’s why I did drama in HS, so I could figure out how to talk to strangers. (Pretend you’re someone else, in case you’re wondering what I discovered.)

I walked into this bustling HS, where the Seniors had already left for bigger and brighter things and met with fifteen very creative, will-some-day-be-published writers. 

Once I stopped hyperventilating, I had the time of my life. They had great questions:

 Why do you need an agent?  Want film, comic, foreign rights, and the bigger NY Houses? Someone to look outside the box for ideas of where your work can be spotlighted? They’re great for this.

How do you write a query/synopsis?  Here are mine, they’re not the best, but you can get an idea of where to start. IMO, most authors put writing query/synopsis next to the fourth level of hell. It’s not easy cramming your book into a paragraph/1-5 page summary. It gets, dare I say better, with practice.

What do you do when the words won’t come?   Throw your computer out of a very tall building? Honestly, get up, walk away, do something else to give your subconscious time to chew over what’s hanging you up. You’ll be surprised what will hit you in the middle of your shower with soap in your hair.

What’s your writing routine?   Every writer is unique, so don’t hold yourself to one writer’s routine, just make sure you write something every, single day.  For me, I try to hit between 1200-1500 words a day, six days a week to finish a complete 120K story in 6 months.

How do you end a book, besides “THE END”?  My solution, write a series. Yet not every story needs every questions answered with a pretty, tied up bow. You can leave things open so your readers can spend time after they close your book, wondering “what if”.

They were great! My humor wasn’t too nerdy for them, so I didn’t feel like a complete geeky, old woman. The best part, they reminded me of why I started writing in the first place. That unquenchable desire to share my stories.  So to the best creative writing group ever, West Linn High School, and the greatest Librarian I know, Ms. Stacy Erickson…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME COME OVER! I had a marvelous time!

Question for all of you, my amazing blog followers, what would you have asked a published writer when you first started out?

Yes, I want to know, because I’m seriously considering approaching my local HS librarians and offering to talk to their creative writing classes.


*If you’re wondering what was on that handout I gave the students:

Writing Group Links

Pacific Northwest Writers Association                        http://www.pnwa.org/

International Thriller Writers                                        http://thrillerwriters.org/

Romance Writers of America                                      http://www.rwa.org/

Mystery Writers of America                                         http://mysterywriters.org/

Horror Writers Association                                          http://horror.org/

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of Amer.                 http://www.sfwa.org/

Local Meet-up for critique groups                               http://writers.meetup.com/cities/us/or/portland/


Online Resources

Preditors & Editors                                                      http://pred-ed.com/

Absolute Writer Cooler                                                http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/

National Novel Writing Month                                      http://nanowrimo.org/

Kristen Lamb’s Warrior Writes                                     http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/


Reference Books

Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale

The Emotion Thesaurus                  by Angela Ackerman

The Positive Trait Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman

The Negative Trait Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman

Story Engineering by Larry Brooks

Story Physics by Larry Brooks


Interesting online article: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2006/04/27/10-things-teenage-writers-should-know-about-writing/


Author Interview with Jami Gray

Jami Gray:

I’m grilled under the hot lights of Cassidy Crimson’s places. See how I fared…

Originally posted on Cassidy Crimson's Blog:


Interview time! This time I’m interviewing Jami Gray, author of “Shadow’s Moon”, a paranormal romance / UF novel. You can also win print copies of all three books in the series (US/CA only) or eBook copies of all three books in the series (international).

Author Interview

1) Please tell us about yourself.

Well, if you’ve read my bio, you know I come from a HUGE family. It’s not a joke, promise. It’s very real.  Here’s the fun part—I am the least social person you’ll probably ever meet. No, really. In real life, where people come up and hold actual conversations, I have to rely on my Knight in Slightly Muddy Armor for support. I’m pretty shy until the ice gets broken. Then, woo baby, I’m right in there. I have two boys because someone up there knows I’d never survive raising girls. I have nothing but admiration for those who…

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Cover Reveal and pre-order for new PNR series by @JamiGrayAuthor #HuntedByThePast #newrelease #pnr

I’m so excited to share with you the cover for the first in my newest series: Hunted By The Past. It’s hitting shelves July 11th from Muse It Up Publishing. After tormenting my cover artist for weeks with nit picky changes, we have a beautiful new cover to share. Without further ado, may I introduce…Hunted By The Past….

Coming July 11th, the first in an exciting new Paranormal Romantic Suspense series-HUNTED BY THE PAST available from Muse It Up Publishing. From now through end of July, you can pick up your digital copy for $2.99. Don’t wait too long, because come August, it’ll be back to $5.95.

When facing off with danger, some situations require a few more unique skills than most. Come meet the men and women of the Psy-IV Teams…



Sometimes death is the only way to out run the past… 

A reluctant psychic who can relive the past, a man well versed in keeping secrets, and a psychopathic killer enter a deadly game where the past determines the future.

Changing the past is an impossibility ex-Marine, Cynthia “Cyn” Arden, understands all too well. Struggling in the aftermath of a botched mission, which cost her two teammates, her military career, and a fledging relationship, she’s brought home by a panicked phone call. The psychic killer behind her nightmares has escaped military custody to hunt down the remaining teammates, one by one. Next on his murderous list–Cyn. Her only chance at survival is to master the psychic ability she’s spent years denying.

The killer’s game brings her face to face with the one person guaranteed to throw her off kilter—the unsettling and distracting man she left behind, Kayden Shaw. Once she believed he’d stand by her side, until he chose his job and his secrets over her. A choice that’s left the scars of the past etched deep on her mind and heart.

To survive this twisted game, Cyn must risk trusting her heart and accepting who and what she is, or lose not only her life, but the man she loves.

Now available for pre-order at:  MUSEITUP Publishing


Since I didn’t want to touch him, much, I poked a finger against his chest, ignoring the unexpected zap of awareness. “I don’t know how you found me or why, but right now I have other, more important things to do. So, why don’t–”

The ringing of the phone interrupted my tirade.

I shot a look at the phone sitting on the counter to our left, and then narrowed my gaze at Kayden.

He quirked an eyebrow.

The phone rang again.

“You going to answer it?” he drawled.

Stepping back, I plucked the receiver off the cradle. “Hello?”

“Cyn?” What do you know, it was Thomas Anderson Gunderson, A.K.A. Tag.

I stared at the man standing across from me. “Yeah.”

“Where have you been? And why the hell won’t you answer my calls?” Despite his questions, there was a thread of relief in my friend’s voice. Ex-friend, I reminded myself.

“Why would I?” I gave my answer absently, watching Kayden make his way over to the other side of the counter and take a seat on a barstool.

In my ear, Tag cursed. “Dammit, Cyn. I don’t have time to explain shit now— ”

“Why are you calling me?” I cut him off, ice coating every word.

“Why are you in Sedona?” he shot back, his voice hard.

“I’m more concerned with how you got this number and why everyone seems determined to turn my cabin in to Grand Central Station.”

Momentary silence filled the line. “Shaw’s there?”

“Got it in one.”

“Thank God,” Tag muttered. “Be as bitchy as you want, Cyn, but tell me you’re okay. You ran away—”

“I didn’t run from shit, Tag, I was kicked to the fucking curb as soon as you and everyone else got what you wanted.”

“That’s not what happened.”

“Really? Because from where I stood, it sure as hell looked like it.” Silence answered. Turning away from Kayden’s too avid gaze, I tried to regain control so I could kick both of these men back out of my life. “I’m fine, but I’m little busy dealing with my own situation.”

“What kind of situation?” It actually sounded as if he gave a damn.

Closing my eyes, I tried to shove aside the urge to bang my head against a wall at the single minded intensity of the male gender. “My sister is AWOL. Now, can we just focus on why you’re bothering me and Kayden has decided to pursue a career in B&E?”

“How long has Kelsey been missing?”

The urgent note underlying Tag’s question reignited my earlier sense of unease, as if there was something bigger at play here. Worry about Kelsey trumped hurt feelings, so I answered. “Not sure, a couple hours maybe. Her car is here.”

The string of oaths spewing over the line from Tag proved no one could swear like a Marine. “Son of mangy bitch,” he muttered, then he took a deep breath. “The cabin’s an hour and half outside of Phoenix?” He didn’t wait for my answer. “I’ll meet you up there. Stay with Kayden.”

“Tag,” his name came out as a warning of my waning patience. My fingers tightened around the phone, and it took an amazing amount of will-power to not share my own colorful vocabulary. “You need to tell me what’s going on. Right. Now.” The last two words emerged around gritted teeth.

“It’s about Flash. His killer is out.” His unexpected answer stabbed deep, drawing blood under my skin. Brutal memories boiled up and I almost missed his, “Stay with Kayden, Cyn.”

The drone of a dial tone filled my ear. My world spun. I concentrated on setting the phone back in the cradle. My legs were doing a great impression of spaghetti noodles, so I let them fold under me and sat on the cool tile. Six months, I’d run as hard, as fast and as far as I could, but in a matter of minutes I was right back where I started, trapped in a never-ending nightmare.

You have to wonder which fickle fate decided to dump everything on me at once. If I ever got my hands on her, I’d beat her to a pulp. Damn, damn, and triple damn!

The past surged, breaking through to rise in a swamping wave of ghostly screams and the stench of burnt flesh. I dug my fingers deep into my thigh muscles in a desperate attempt to stave it off. No such luck. Greedy memories sucked me down.

My kitchen disappeared, replaced by a fetid alley behind a dive in Where-the-fuckistan. Sprawled on the ground, my head spinning with dizzying sickness and my leg screaming with agony, all I could do was watch and listen. Watch the spreading pool of blood and brains seep from Ortega, his sightless eyes staring past me. Listen to the snap and crackle of a raging fire hissed through the night while the smell of burning flesh wrapped around me. Behind me, someone screamed, his wail high-pitched and full of hopeless agony.

I knew that broken voice.

Even as excruciating pain beat inside my skull, I turned my head, recognizing the figure in the midst of the hellish scene. Searing loss, rage, and fear rose to a scream. My mouth opened and the stench coiled down my throat, blocking the air in my chest. No, no, no!

The shocking feel of hands against my face snapped my paralysis, bringing a touch of the present into the past. Desperate to escape, ignoring the pain radiating down my leg and through my head. I struck out, my hand connecting with flesh. “Don’t touch me!”

Harsh breathing filled the air around me. It took a few seconds to realize it was coming from me. A few more before the low soothing voice penetrated the layers of the past. “Come on back, Cyn. You’re safe.”


Now available for pre-order at: MUSEITUP Publishing


Jami Gray Small

Jami Gray is the award winning, multi-published author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, and the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. Her latest release, SHADOW’S MOON  was a Golden Claddaugh Finalist, and the first in her newest series, HUNTED BY THE PAST, hits shelves in July 2014. She is surrounded by Star Wars obsessed males and a male lab, who masquerades as a floor rug as she plays with the voices in her head.

Come stalk Jami at any of these fine locations:

Website  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Goodreads  /  Google+  /  Amazon


Discover The Kyn Kronicles by @JamiGrayAuthor #MFRWauthor #pnr #UF

I’ve seen many memes out there, you know the kind, funny/informative/silly pics out on Facebook and other social sites and thought, “Hmmm, why not make one for each of my books?” Okay, yes, I’m in between projects rights now, but still, it was fun to put these together. Now, I’m going to share them.

First up, Book 1: Shadow’s Edge  Everyone fears what hunts in the shadows—especially the monsters. Come meet Raine McCord and find out why others tremble in her wake…

Shadow's Edge Meme

Intrigued? *rubbing hands together* Good. Let’s move on.  Care to find out how good your balance is when treading the crumbling edge between right and wrong? Follow Raine and Gavin as they carve their own dark path in Book 2: Shadow’s Soul…

Shadow's Soul Meme

We’ll leave Raine and Gavin behind for Book 3: Shadow’s Moon. Sometimes love isn’t enough, something Northwest Alpha Warrick Vidis understands all too well. Especially when he’s faced with his stubborn mate, the feisty female, Xander Cade…

Shadow's Moon Meme


Ready to pick up some new reads? You can find them all here:

The Kyn Kronicles by Jami Gray

And if you’re looking for a new Paranormal Romantic Suspense, don’t miss the first in my new PSY-IV Teams series coming July 11th…Hunted by the Past.

Hunted Meme