About Jami

On Writing…

The first time I wrote a story it was after I came home from watching Star Wars: A New Hope at a drive in theater. Deciding Princess Leia was just not good enough for Han Solo, I rewrote my own part into the story line. Han was all for me, the tough female thief, and wussy Princess Leia could stay with Luke. Years later when I found out Leia was Luke’s sister, it kind of killed the story but others had already sprung up in its place.

My females can be intimidating but the men love them, even if they are a pain in the ass. Besides, who has time to wait for some guy to save you, when it’s faster to do it yourself? Magic, in all its strange and twisted forms, exists. Which means all those fantastical creatures we thought were only fairy tales, they’re real too, complete with fangs, fur and claws. Too bad it’s hard to tell who’s the real monster.


On Me…

I’m a self-admitted coffee addict, book hoarder, and music junkie. Peopling is not my forte, but escaping to imaginative worlds is. Partly because I grew up on the Arizona-Mexico border as the fifth of what would eventually total 37 children. Think adoption, not natural methods, as that would tire out any dedicated couple. Privacy was something only found in my head.

When I grew up, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Arizona State University, along with a three-tier list of minors as my interests changed on a nearly yearly basis. (Squirrel!) Eventually I married my techie-geek, best friend from high school, then went on to complete a Master’s in Organizational Management to put my OCD tendencies to good use.

We decided to inflict upon the world more geeks, and I’m now the very proud mom of two young adult males who shall carry the gamer geek torch high and proud. To round out the gender scales in our family, we incorporated two furry female labs to call our own.

Much like my college career, my writing crosses multiple genres. For those who love a little magic, there is my award winning Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles. Need a little pulse pounding excitement? Then check out my Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. And if you’ve ever wondered if you could survive the apocalypse, then you can’t miss my latest Romantic Suspense series, Fate’s Vultures.