Lying in Ruins

Book Cover: Lying in Ruins
Part of the Fate's Vultures series:

In a world gone to hell, it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad...

The world didn't end in fire and explosions, instead it collapsed slowly, like falling dominoes, an intensifying panic of disease, food shortages, wild weather and collapsing economies, until what remained of humanity battles for survival in a harsh new reality.

Charity uses lethal survival skills learned too early in her work as a 'Hound, sniffing out pivotal secrets for one of the most powerful people on the west coast. Her work is deceptive, deadly, and best performed solo, which means when she has a run-in with a member of the notorious Fate's Vultures, she has no intention of joining forces in some mockery of teamwork. The man might be sexy as hell, but she travels alone. She will accomplish her mission and she will settle a score - hopefully with the edge of her blade. But fate has other plans.

As one of Fate’s Vultures, a nomadic band of arbitrators known for their ruthless verdicts, Ruin witnesses the carnage of corruption and greed battering the remnants of humanity, and he bears the scars to prove it. Now he has a damn 'Hound showing up in suspicious circumstances, leaving every cell of his body sceptical - and painfully aroused. The woman is trouble, and Ruin has every intention of steering clear. But when they realise they have a common enemy, Charity and Ruin will have to set aside their distrust if they want to achieve their mutual goal - justice and revenge.

Sometimes, when the world's gone to hell, it's better to stick with the devil you know...

Publisher: Escape Publishing - Harlequin
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Reviews:Dianne, Tome Tender wrote:

“LYING IN RUINS by Jami Gray is proof that love can be found in the most unlikely places and no amount of denial will deter its path! Feel the heat that blossoms in a world that has become a cesspool of death.”

Kim, Goodreads Review wrote:

“This is definitely worth a read if you are looking for a great, solid post-apocalyptic!”

Jessica, Goodreads Review wrote:

“I had a lot of fun reading about a world that Jami Gray created and I’m stoked to read more in the series!”

Debbie, Archaeolibrarian wrote:

“…if you like your characters with a bit more bite, with secrets, with hidden agendas, and all those sorts of things, and your worlds a far more deadlier place, then this is for you.”

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