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Here you’ll find news about recent and upcoming releases, and if you’re interested in what I’m working on, or hoping to work on, I promise to share here.

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November 16, 2018

Thanks to a recent revision of rights, I was able to update the covers on my Kyn books and re-release with updated and bonus materials.  So first to the stage is Shadow’s Edge which now includes the Kyn short story SUBMERGED IN SHADOWS. It’s available now for $3.99 at Amazon and available in Kindle Unlimited.






November 28, 2018

Up next is Shadow’s Soul which includes the Kyn short story, MASKED BY SHADOWS. It will hit shelves on 11/28/18 at $4.99, but it is available for pre-order at Amazon.  It will also join the Kindle Unlimited family.






December 5, 2018

Shadow’s Moon starts of our December releases. This revision will include the Kyn short story, ENSNARED BY SHADOWS and hits shelves on 12/5/18 at $4.99, but it is available for pre-order at Amazon.  It, too, will join the Kindle Unlimited family.






December 18, 2018

Our next beauty is Shadow’s Curse, which will hit shelves on 12/18/18 at $4.99 and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon. This revised edition includes the Kyn short story prequel, WRAPPED IN SHADOWS, and will be a lovely edition to the Kindle Unlimited family.






January 7, 2019

We start off the new year with our latest installment to the Kyn series, Shadow’s Dream. It arrives on 1/7/19 at $4.99, but it is available for pre-order at Amazon.  Like those before it, it too will join the Kindle Unlimited family.






February 2019

The third title in Fate’s Vultures, CAUGHT IN THE AFTERMATH, will make its appearance in February 2019. If you haven’t guessed, this is Vex’s story and if you thought things were a chaotic mess before, just hang on for what comes next.






August 2019

The wait is over, coming August is Bishop’s story as the fourth installment in the PSY-IV Teams, FRACTURED BY DECEIT. The goal is to have it up for pre-order by late summer 2019 wtih an eye on an early August release. Stay tuned for more updates as it gets closer.





What are you working on now?

Fate’s Vultures

Currently working on:

I’m currently head down in Bishop’s book, the fourth in the PSY-IV Teams. I will admit I have another Urban Fantasy series circling, but I’m trying to hold it back as I get the PSY-IV Teams stories complete. I’m waiting to hear back from my editor on the fate of Reaper’s book, so I’ll keep you posted as the news comes in. 


What’s going to happen next?

PSY-IV Teams

I know it’s been a while since we spent time with our team of ex-military psychics, but the wait is over. I’m currently in the midst of getting Bishop’s story down in FRACTURED BY DECEIT. Once that’s off, a short break and I’ll be back to it with the fifth book, which at this point should be Rabbit and Jinx’s story, but Ricochet is getting impatient despite my stubborn refusal to rush his tale. The goal is to set Bishop loose on the world in August 2019, with book 5 to follow in early 2020.  Since I can’t leave the rest of the team hanging, I’m planning on getting two more out there, for a total of seven in the series. No way do I want to tempt their wrath by not getting their stories shared.

Fate’s Vultures

Currently waiting its turn with my editor, FEAR THE REAPER, Reaper’s book and the fourth in the series, the initial arc of Fate’s Vultures is complete. However, there are a few characters who are kicking back, waiting for me to share their story. One particular group, the Dogs of War, are giving me a bit of space for now. I’m not expecting it to last long. I’ll keep you updated on the anticipated release date which should be sometime in 2019 (fingers crossed).

Kyn Kronicles

Yes, there is at least one more book in the Kyn Kronicles’ initial story arc, and it will come. Unfortunately, the threads it must tie off are many and complex, so it may be a bit before it arrives. I can tell you that it will center around Raine and Gavin. For those who’ve asked, yes, I do see the Sarielian Order and the Motoki Pack (and maybe others) as possible spin-offs, but I can only write so fast, but I promise the stories aren’t over. However, until then, we are redoing the covers and adding in some extras, so when they make their reappearence in November 2018, you’ll want to check them out.