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Every now and again I like to mix things up on my website. I spent a year and half hosting various authors and peppering them with thought provoking questions (well, thought provoking to me) and sharing them with you, my readers. Early in the blog’s creation I touched on the various concepts I learned under the sharp eyed tutelage of editors. Bits and pieces of my family life find their way into posts, and get mixed in with cover reveals, blog hops, and excerpt shares.

This year, I’m slapping on a cowboy hat, strapping on a pair of six-irons, and plopping my butt in the creative saddle as I meander through a uniquely magical version of the old west with two very talented writers, Dave Benneman and Camille Douglass. Now before you shake your head and wander off, our motley trio has never shied away from the wild and strange. This collective serial we plan to share will be no different. Tentatively titled: CONJURING MISERY, so far we have a mysteriously grim gunslinger, a master swordsman-slash-card shark, and a mysterious femme fatale of the sorcery bent in search of a talisman.

We’re still nailing down the operational aspect, but we do plan on pulling back the curtain on our story in March, so gather round the campfire and plan on making routine trips to follow along!

Red Dead Redemption Comic

(I picked this image because it rocks, but it’s courtesy of: Cowboy Assassin by ~AzraelLaVolpe on deviantART)

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