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Awww, it’s the month of heart and flowers! You’d think since I write romance, I’d be all about Cupid and his arrows, but nope, not really. Actually, I think I’m a big humbug on many of the holidays, probably because while sitting and muttering to myself I tend to lose track of time. But back to topic…Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while I’m running around sharing my latest Paranormal Romantic Suspense release (MARKED BY OBSESSION), I’m getting ready to dive into my next writing project.

Shall I let you in on a little neurotic writer secret? I’m not sure this is the right decision. Then again, half the time I feel like I’m sliding along on a river of olive oil heading straight to a huge fryer vat. Let me set the decision stage…

I have been shopping the first book in a new series around since, oh forever (okay, Summer of 2016). It has received nibbles, some of which are still nibbling but no fish on hook yet. Cue writer anxiety.

It is the first in a planned four book series. When I say, “planned” series, it means I actually have a major series arc that spans four books, clear characters, and each book’s plot. All the nitty gritty details that flesh out the bones, yeah that’s what I still have to write.

I write about two books per year. That tends to be the schedule that will not send me to a padded room or leave me living all alone as I’ve managed to scare everyone away.

Up to now, I’ve had two series going and hitting my target of getting two books out per year is doable (minus unexpected delays on publisher’s end). I got thrown off a year ago, hence why only one book went out (TOUCHED BY FATE). However if you include the bundled print version of all four Kyn books, that came out in 2016 too, but since I’m talking about new books, that’s cheating. I did managed to get back on track this year as MARKED BY OBSESSION was released in January, and SHADOW’S DREAMS should be out by the end of the year.

Now bring in the third series. Math may not be my strong suit, but even I can recognize the challenge:

Two books a year.

Three series.

Average time from manuscript’s full submission to publication: 12 months.

This means you must write ahead of your schedule. So if the first book is done on the new series, and it gets picked up this year (2017) the hope is it gets published in 2018.

Back to my original dilemma—my next writing project which will take over my life for the next six months. Currently on the table: Book 2 of new series.

Because I want to write the last three books of the new series back to back, and each one takes 6 months (roughly), I won’t be back to my other series until mid-2018. Maybe.

Want to know what could throw this entire plan off track? Yep, if the new series doesn’t get picked up. (Something my writing partners believe will not happen.) Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to indie publish my stuff just yet (financial obligation to send the Prankster Duo off to college in the next to two years equals lack of moola).

Cue the writer guilt. Which means I now need a Plan B.

And, what pray tell, is Plan B, Jami?

So glad you asked. Plan B is if I’m still trying to hook a fish around August of 2017, guess what will move to the head of the writing project line? Yep, Bishop’s book for PSY-IV Teams.

I really wish I had a Magic 8 Ball.

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