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As I am wont to do each new year, I sat down to figure out just what will I be doing during this year of 2016. Granted, I’ve discussed (ad nauseam) my book plans–work on new project through April and probably into May, break for a month, start on the fifth Kyn novel, then fourth PSY-IV Team installment. Yet, outside of writing, what happens next?

For those who follow along, you were there for my Summer of Marketing experiment in 2015. It was a blast and worked really well for hooking new readers on the Kyn series. However, for all that went into it, bottom line, the return on investment (outside of new readers) was minimal. With that lesson under my belt, the old adage of “if you want to succeed as a writer, write” gained even more weight.

Marketing is necessary, but it’s a pain in the ass. However, at least now I have solid plans when it comes to releases. And yes, I’m still waiting on release dates for the next two books in the PSY-IV Teams for 2016. I promise to share once I have them.

While buckling down and writing is the key goal this year, I do have a couple of appearances I’ll be making:

  • Another GoodReads giveaway once HUNTED BY THE PAST is available in print (which should be soon)
  • The Tempe Book Festival in April
  • Attending RWA in SanDiego in July

Other plans include:

  • Revamping my website about mid year, which may mean a few less blog posts up to that point.
  • Kicking off a unique story with my compadres in the writing trenches featured solely on our three blogs (more info to come when the details have been fought over hammered out).
  • Writing
  • More writing
  • Stalking Acquiring an agent
  • My monthly stop in at the Writers Fun Zone with posts of varying natures

Now that I’ve set my plans down in written form, I am bound to complete it.

Just so I know I’m not alone out here, share the one big thing you want to accomplish this year. That way, you’ve put it in stone, too, and have eliminated any possible escape routes.

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