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In need of a little positivity today, so I’m going to share links to stories which reveal that the flame of hope has not been snuffed out by the looming cloud of senseless negativity that can’t seem to catch a clue and go home.


For the musically inclined, this story is about sharing our art and in New Orleans, Trombone Shorty is doing just that:

This one is close to my heart. Gloria Campos took a chance on doing a news segment that became known as “Wednesday’s Child” and managed to find homes for those kids who were stuck in foster care because they were deemed “too old” for adoption.

This one hit home for me because, well, Nathan Gerger is a tattoo artist and as much as love these guys, they tend to get a bad rap. Nathan is an example of why you should never judge anyone by their covers:

And in an issue that is hitting a majority of us, Jaime is proof that the spirit of giving is there, despite overwhelming medical disabilities and financial straits. I would like to think most of us have this same spirit—we will strive to serve others to the best of our ability. It isn’t always about the cash you can give, but something more important—your time and service:

Because I’m a mom to growing teenage boys, I found this article particularly hopeful. In fact, it goes to show that the next generation may be the best of us. Brothers, Yazan and Nabil, are positive examples of our youth. Remember them when the world is spinning in chaos and fear.

If you have positive stories you’ve discovered recently, please share. Let’s light up the season with love and tolerance to beat back the crowding shadows.

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