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Those who’ve following along for a while now, know we lost our beloved Hellhound back in October when our lives jumped the track, then the shark, and the Grand Canyon (the month that shall forever remain nameless). The hole our fur rug left behind was HUGE, and for a long time I truely believed it wouldn’t ever be filled, nor did I want to try. (Stitchy’s first year-top, last ride 11 yrs. later-bottom)Stitchy 1



Then, as life is wont to do, we got hit with some more changes, and I found myself home during the day again working on writing and editing, but something was missing. The silence, even with my music blaring, grated. Since I’m a glutton for punishment had some time on my hands was lonely, something had to change. After hours of discussion we (Knight in Slightly Muddy Armor, the Prankster Duo, and moi) decided since our Hellhound had such a big heart, we’d see if we couldn’t find two labs who might want to join us at the Shack. Decision made we started visiting Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR), just to “see”. We attended a Sniff-n-Greet (it’s actually called Meet-n-Greet, but…) and started to get a bit excited about bringing in some new fur to the family.

We ended up with a three hour home visit, and the next day we were off doing some visiting of our own. We met a beautiful set of girls, but the fit just wasn’t there. Then, we were contacted about another sister set. Pictures were sent, hearts were captured, and three days later we brought the Fur Minxes home.

Since I have now evened the gender odds in my humble abode, I find that maybe I can handle girls, if they have paws and a tail. With that being said, may I introduce the Fur Minxes, Lola in a sexy little black number, and Angel in a stunning white fur…

Lola and Angel IMG_2473


As you can see, I now have writing partners and so long as I don’t run over them with my chair, it’s all good!

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