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Ok my wonderful Swamp followers, time to introduce you to another Blogger Book Fair participant and great author, Cindy Young-Turner! One lucky commenter will win a free electronic copy of her two books, Thief of Hope and Journey to Hope.

As children we tend to have an idea of what we want to be by the time we’re ten. Before you decided to pursue the artistic dream of being a writer, what did you want to be and why?

I’ve wanted to be a writer for a very long time, but I also went through an astronaut phase. I think it was because of my love of Star Wars. It was so amazing when Sally Ride was the first woman in space (yeah, I’m probably dating myself here).

If your character(s) came with a warning label, what would it say?

For Sydney it would be like the line in Mary Poppins: Extremely stubborn and suspicious. Also: prone to reacting without thinking about consequences for others.

Personally, I tend to be a bit on the introverted side so the thought of being in the actual presence of one of my favorite writers makes my heart race, my knees shake and tangles my tongue (yes classic fan girl behavior). Who could reduce you to such a level and how do you imagine your initial meeting?

Probably Neil Gaiman. He’s like the rock star god of authors. And he has that dreamy British accent. I heard him speak at a book festival once but wasn’t willing to get up early and wait in the incredibly long line to have him sign my book. I’m an introvert as well. If I met him face to face I’d just stammer and gush about how much I love Neverwhere and Sandman.

Many writers have that first novel which will never see the light of day. Out of curiosity, do you have one stashed somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know: what was your first attempt at writing and how old were you?

I was about 11 when I started writing my grand SF epic story of a family torn apart by war when Earth is invaded by aliens. The main character was a 12-year-old boy who is taken prisoner and then escapes with the help of an odd neighbor kid accused of stealing the plans to the enemy’s space station. Or something like that. It had plot lines galore and it ripped off was inspired by my love of Star Wars and GI Joe. I still have the handwritten printed pages in a three ring binder. If I ever get famous I told my husband he can sell it on ebay.

Blades, guns, fists or feet?

Blades. I like swords but I would be useless with one.

Favorite Fairy Tale of all time?

Beauty and the Beast

Three titles and their authors sitting on your nightstand/bookcase/table/floor waiting to be read?

Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon, Wizard and Glass by Stephen King, and Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

Greatest one liner of all time?

“Evacuate, in our moment of triumph?” (Bonus points if you can name the movie)

Sarcastic witticism, Southern sweetness or Geeky disdain?

Sarcastic witticism

Strangest item currently taking up space in your writing cave?

A D&D figurine of a thief. It’s my writing mascot. And yes, I painted it myself.

Favorite supernatural creature?

Vampire. The kind that don’t sparkle.

Want more? Then check out Cindy’s awesome books!


Thief of Hope

Sydney, a street urchin and pickpocket in the town of Last Hope, has managed to evade the oppressive Guild for years, but there is no escaping fate when she’s sentenced to death for associating with the resistance.

After she’s rescued by a wizard, Sydney is forced to accept that magic—long outlawed throughout the Kingdom of Thanumor—still exists, and the Tuatha, a powerful faery folk, are much more than ancient myth and legend. When the wizard offers a chance to fight the Guild and bring Willem, bastard prince and champion of the Tuatha, to the throne, Sydney embraces the cause as a way to find her own redemption.

But Sydney’s fear of the Guild, distrust of authority, and surprising connection to the Tuatha threaten Willem’s success. Can she untangle the strange threads that entwine her life not only to the fate of the kingdom, but also to Willem himself?

Buy links: Amazon |Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Journey to Hope

Little Moon_JourneytoHope_CindyYoung_200x300

A brief tale in the Thief of Hope Series

As the third son of a lesser nobleman, Edgar Gray’s prospects are limited at best. He longs to find some meaning in a life of privilege. A chance encounter with Rose, a peasant girl, gives him a chance to help those in need. But the Guild has spread to Tipton Village, and unrest is brewing among the villagers. Edgar and Rose are torn between love, duty, and loyalty to family, and the rise of the Guild threatens to destroy Edgar’s very way of life.

In a land where magic is outlawed, both a wizard and the faery folk have taken an interest in Edgar. Sometimes there is no escaping destiny, but even sacrifice can lead to hope.

Buy link: Amazon Kindle


Cindy Young-Turner has always been an avid reader and became fascinated by mythology and Arthurian legends at an early age. She quickly decided she enjoyed creating her own worlds and characters and set to work writing her own stories. She believes genre fiction can be just as well written and valuable as literature. The universal themes of love, hate, revenge, and redemption are present regardless of whether our characters live in the distant future, on other planets, or in fantastical realms.



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