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Before I start, I wanted to give a little bit of background, especially for those who’ve just discovered my site. At the end of 2012 I had a brilliant idea for a series of blog posts for 2013. As I’m much braver behind a keyboard that in real life, I reached out to my favorite authors, spanning all genres, and begged them for a few precious minutes to answer a series of questions. All of these interviews are list HERE. Now, each year, I try to figure out a focus for my blogs posts for the upcoming year. This year, I’ve decided to go back and review those authors I interviewed. Most of them are series writers, so yep, I’m going to review entire series and then link back to the original interviews. I’ve tended to stay away from reviews for a multitude of reasons, but as both a writer and reader, I’ve come to learn just how important word of mouth really is for us writer types. Besides, I don’t know how many times I get from friends, “Hey, give me something new to read,” so here is my something new to read.

Let’s start with C.E. Murphy. I interviewed her in December of 2012 (See interview here) and she started off my interview rounds with a huge bang. And the only reason I was brave enough to reach out, was because one of my writing partners at the time actually knew her. Before he moved back to Ireland, he encouraged me to ask her. Between him and CE, I found enough courage to keep on reaching out to those authors, who, if I met in real life, I’m not sure I would be able to string two syllables together. Although I have to admit if I ever do get a chance to meet CE in real life, I want to stalk Dean Winchester with her.

CE has numerous series out there, but I discovered her with The Walker Papers, which follows Joanne Walker, a cop-turned-shamen as she travels the magical path of her heritage through the modern-day Northwest. There are coyotes, giants, banshees, phoenixes (phoenixi?), serial killers of all types, monsters big and small, turtles, tears, laughter, love, betrayals, and heart breaking decisions every step of the way. There are nine books in this series, plus some great short stories that put Joanne together with Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock for some seriously kick-ass adventures. (We’ll have a post with Faith later, promise!)

Now I have to be honest here, I have the ninth book, SHAMEN RISES, but I haven’t been able to make myself read it. Not because it isn’t good, but because it’s the last book and I’m not sure I’m ready to say good-bye to this series yet.

Joanne’s characters is so multi-dimensional you can’t help but wish she existed outside the pages. I’ve wanted to smack her upside the head, stand in front of her as the big emotional baddies attack, laugh with joy when she discovers her own strength and depth of being. The romantic relationship in this series is minor (a given as this is Urban Fantasy), but its emergence feels right and natural.

CE’s attention to the magical details is sublime and I’m envious of how she weaves the past and present together. Her world building is phenomenal. This goes without saying in all her series. Besides The Walker Papers, she also has: The Inheritors’ Cycle, The Heartstrike Chronicles, Negotiator, and Worldwalker Duology. And I’m sure I’m missing others.

I haven’t tried the Inheritors’ Cycle or Negotiator, but I have started ATLANTIS FALLEN, the first in her Heartstrike Chronicles. It’s not quite catching me the way Joanne has, but it grows on you. Think of it like Highlander meets Atlantis. I also ready both books in her Worldwalker Duology (TRUTH SEEKER and WAYFINDER) and loved both of those. Probably because they’re closer to my heart as they center around the Faerie world and more in line with Celtic mythology.

Recently I discovered CE has decided to branch out into a new genre (for her) under the pen name Murphy Lawless. She’s delving into shifter paranormal romance with her first story in the Alaskan Totem Shifters series, RAVEN HEART. Seriously sexy and very interesting story elements using the Alaskan mythology.

So if you like great fantasy mixed with modern mystery, I highly recommend The Walker Papers or the Worldwalker Duology. If you prefer your romance steamy enough to fog your windows, then try RAVEN HEART.

You can find all of CE Murphy’s books listed on her Amazon page.

If you’ve read her books, share which are your favs and why!

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