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During my summer promotion experiment, there were varied opinions on why or why not offering one of your books for free was a good or bad idea. I shall leave that in the arena of personal opinions, because truly that is where it belongs. Today I’m removing my “writer” hat and replacing it with my “reader” hat. *switches to jaunty bowler hat*


Right then, readers, tuck in, because I’m going to share a list of fantastic authors discovered during free or 99 cent sales, that I proudly claim to stalk follow while nabbing every new title as it hits the airwaves. Granted, there are some misses, but again, it all comes down to personal taste. Just because I like an author doesn’t mean my co-cospirator and writing partner in the Windy City will as well, but I’ll still share.

As a reader I don’t discriminate between print or ebook, but due to limited shelf space (currently Knight has asked we stop adding to our collection of 7 bookshelves) most new author treasures I collect are in e-format. I keep my pretties in a nifty program called Bookpedia (think iTunes for books). So I’ve scanned my records for a complete list of books I would have never known about had I not decided to take a change and pick up their preciouses when they were gallantly offered.

Enough background, ready for my list? Great, and if any tickle your interest, I’ve given your your first clue for your own treasure hunt, and may I suggest using Amazon to find the rest of your route?

  • Kristen Ashley
  • Christi Snow
  • Kennedy Layne
  • Lynn Raye Harris
  • Tonya Burrows
  • KA Salidas
  • Debbie Christiana
  • Catherine Mann
  • Joanna Wylde
  • Kaylea Cross
  • Cynthia Eden
  • Jeffe Kennedy
  • Cora Seton
  • Cristin Harber
  • Megan Mitcham
  • Lisa Marie Rice
  • Rebecca Zanetti
  • Katie Reus
  • Elizabeth Hunter
  • Suzanne Halliday
  • Nicole Jacquelyn
  • Joseph Nassise
  • Trish McCallan
  • Suzanne Wright
  • Bailey Cunningham
  • Carolyn Crane
  • Chelsea Cain
  • Christy Reece
  • Cindy Gerard
  • Elaine Levine
  • Elisabeth Naughton
  • J.L. Saint
  • Jennifer Lowery
  • Kathi S. Barton
  • M.L Buchman
  • Martha Bourke
  • Natasza Waters
  • Pamela Clare
  • Rachel Bach

Now here’s the deal, had these great writers not offered at one point in time, a free or drastically discounted price, I may have stumbled along my reading way, never realizing they were tucked away just off my route. And how disappointing would that be?

So from this reader, my I offer my humblest thanks for all those who take a chance on potential readers and offer their precious works for consumption, and suggest to my fellow reading addicts to take a chance on that free or discounted books, for you may discover your next great love.

Read on!

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