After “THE END” Comes #writing

No better words are ever typed by a writer than “THE END”. This is when the writer finally resurfaces and blinks myopically around at the real world after being fully submerged in their story filled heads. I’m happy to admit I have finally hit this stage with CAUGHT IN THE AFTERMATH, the third book in my Fate’s Vultures series. I’ll spend the next couple of weeks polishing my baby before I pat its diapered bottom and send it off to my beloved editors, Kate and Brooke. While I’m doing that, I will also be playing catch up with all those things I’ve been putting off while I hammered out those words.

And there is a lot to catch up on.

Up first, (waves a hand around virtual location) I must resume communication with the outside world. My apologies for the lack of sound on my end the last few months. Between writing, day-to-day life and holidays, well I haven’t been around as much. Hopefully we’ll be back on track with blog posts every other week.

Second, I’ve got make sure things are set for BEG FOR MERCY’s tour with Silver Dagger Tours from 2.21.18-3.21.18. I’ll be around the web sharing my Vultures with the world. There’s a giveaway, so if you get a chance pop into one of our stops and visit. Once I get our scheduled, I’ll get it posted so you don’t get lost along the way. If you haven’t picked up your copy, it’s out there, waiting for you to come get it!

Third, I’ve been working with Black Opal to prepare for SHADOW’S DREAM release on June 3rd, so stay tuned for more updates and a nifty cover reveal. Not just for SHADOW’S DREAM, but we re-did the cover for SHADOW’S EDGE. I think you’re going to love it.

Fourth, there’s this thing called ‘real life’ and it can get a bit hectic. There were holidays, local book sales and panels, and holidays (it’s worth mentioning twice, trust me). But for now, I’m facing the brand new challenge of getting my oldest ready for his first HUGE step into adulting. Yep, the College Trip, is just around the corner. I seriously do not remember having to jump through so many hoops to get into college. Good news, he snagged some serious scholarships from his top two choices and is almost ready to make his final choice. Which means, you guessed it, more hoops to jump, leap, and stumble through.  Here’s the fun part–as soon as the oldest is set, I get to do it all over again for the youngest. Oh yay!

Fifth, then there’s the job that actually pays those people who’d like their money–it’s going great, but it’s picking up speed as well. Makes it hard sometimes to find the emotional stamina to come home and dive into my fictional worlds. This is why I tend to take a break between projects, so the fourth and last book in the Vultures series will begin construction in April with a finish line of September.

Which leads to numero six–something every writer has to ponder–their business plan. As much as writing is an artistic passion, there’s the darker side, the business of it all. This requires you have a plan, both short and long term. And, yes, I have both. The short term is listed above, the long term, well, let’s just say it’s under proposal. Hopefully I’ll be able to update you later this year on its status. Never fear, I have plans to finish the PSY-IV Teams series and the Kyn series, but yes, I do have a new idea brewing, because, well, that’s what writers do.

With that being said, I shall bid you a belated “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and then run off to play catch up.

Don’t forget to come back in two weeks for the next post, because I promise there will be one.


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