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The beautiful and talented, Nana Prah is here today, and she has her latest romance release in her Destiny Series, DESTINY MINE, in tow. Now, I don’t gush (much) about my friends, but she is one of mine that I love to help support (and not just because she makes me blush about my own works). Nana’s writing will keep you hooked from the get go. Although she’s setting her baby (DESTINY MINE) lose upon the world, she’s asking an important question many writers (myself included) wonder about: How hot do you need your romance?

Before I turn it over to Nana, I must share the intriguing, DESTINY MINE:

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Extraordinary midwife, Esi Darfour, is looking to get married. She’s a master matchmaker but has no luck when it comes to her love life and has yet to find a man worthy of her. Until she has to deal with gorgeous Dr. Adam Quarshie outside of work.

Adam is a player who refuses to get married—ever. His interest lies more in getting her into bed than in having any kind of committed relationship. Esi’s matchmaker instincts warn her to run in the other direction as quickly as possible, but her heart insists she stay…get closer…and see if what they feel for each other can change his mind.

I know that I’m supposed to be bragging all about myself and my latest book, Destiny Mine, but I have to let you all know just how much I LOVE Jami’s work. I’m addicted to her Kyn Kronicles. I pretty much harass her for the next story once I’ve read the previous one. She can’t write them fast enough for me.

The last time I was on Jami’s blog I did an interview so I thought I’d change it up a bit and write a post sharing my experience with writing a sex scene.

My latest release, Destiny Mine has a sex scene in it. My first three published novels were sweet. There’s only one reason why I decided to open the door.

My characters were gagging for it.

First of all Adam is a man who’s had a lot of sex in his life. A lot. A man whore who gives it away for free (I love him, but I have to be honest). A blazingly handsome man who exudes charm and a bit (okay a lot) of arrogance. And yet he has this soft spot in his personality that will make your heart melt.

Esi is a spitfire. She’s passionate about life, not only hers, but the ones she escorts safely into the world as a midwife. She lives life with gusto because she knows how fleeting it is.

So what happens when you put a spunky intelligent woman with a hot sex loving guy? Yup. The answer is full on intercourse. It wasn’t as difficult to write as I thought it might be. My intention was to make it different, and that occurred naturally because of the personalities of the characters.Nana's

Will I write another book with sex in it? Let’s just say that writing a sex scene is like eating a potato chip. You can’t write just one.

Do you prefer a romance with or without sex scenes?

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Nana Prah is a multi-published author of contemporary, multicultural romance. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family.

If you want to connect, reach out to Nana…

Blog : Twitter: @NanaPrah

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