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Welcome back and come on in. Do you like what we’ve done with the place? Yeah, the remodel was long overdue, but we’re just thrilled with the end results. Settle in for a bit and I’ll catch you up on the latest events so next week we can get back to our regular programming.

(settling into the overstuffed chair after nudging one the Fur Minxes out) So, where did we leave off? (ponders for a moment) That’s right, we were still cleaning the construction dust from our site.
Well, we have it all put together now. What do you think? Do you like it? That book page is just phenomenal, isn’t it? Have to admit I was a bit stunned when we laid out all the pretty covers. Can’t believe it’s only been five years since we first sent SHADOW’S EDGE out into the world. Wow, how things change!

We got the site remodeled about the same time as I was surfacing from typing THE END on the latest project before I headed over to beautiful San Diego for the RWA National Conference.
(glancing sheepishly at the papers strewn over the living room table) Um, yeah, now we’re in full on edit mode so the project shines all pretty for its prospective new home. We’ve even sent out invitations for a visit, but we’re waiting to hear who’ll be available to welcome it. I’ll keep you posted on that.

(brushing hands off) Okay, so the RWA conference. It was good, especially if you’re looking to hone your craft. Great workshops on various topics—from trends to character development to plot techniques to what really happens behind the camera of a cover shoot. Each presentation is geared to writers of all levels. While I got some great tips, the amount of money to attend a conference this size (or like the Romantic Times Convention) is a little steep for me, so I may turn my focus to smaller, more topic centered conferences or workshops as they come up. Still, well worth the experience if you haven’t tried it yet. Especially if you manage to arrange a couple of pitch appointments. Any time you can get some face-to-face time with an editor or agent, it’s priceless. Tune in next week when I offer some encouragement to those braving the Great Pitch Sessions.

On to the writing schedule. Like I mentioned, I’m in the midst of deep edits for an unnamed project and I’m hoping to have those completed in the next week or so. Once it’s ready to go and patiently waiting to make its appearance, I’ll begin preparation for the next Work In Progress (WIP): the fifth Kyn book!

I see that shocked look! Don’t pass out on me. I promised it was coming. I’m hoping to hand it over to Black Opal around the end of January, so fingers crossed, because you never know what will happen to throw a wrench in your plans. Now, I’m not sharing ideas on any further out, because I have learned the hard way that planning to far in advance could get me into trouble.

What else? (brow furrows) Right. The second PSY-IV Teams book, TOUCHED BY FATE, came out in May, so if you haven’t yet, go out and enjoy. The third book, MARKED BY OBSESSION, is currently spending time with her precious editors, getting all spruced up for her role. I’ll let you know when her release date is announced.

Then there’s CONJURING MISERY, the serial brought to you by moi, Camille Douglass, and Dave Benneman. See that tab up there, click on it, then feel free to work your way through the chapters as you can. It’s a great ride through a magic infused old west.

Oh, if you haven’t signed up for my Newsletter, may I encourage you to do so? Yep, that box over there at the top to the right. Doesn’t take but a moment to fill out. That way you’ll always be in the know for releases or big news. You may find little goodies just for Newsletter peeps too.

On the personal front, the Prankster Duo headed back into Academia Hell (as labeled by the Youngest) this week. I’m not quite sure where the summer went, but that may be thanks to the searing temperatures which have boiled my brain. The Knight and I are plodding along, keeping busy with the Duo, Mrs. Garden Gnome, the Healer Sisters and the jobs-that-keep-roof-overhead.

Oh! I do have one lovely thing I wanted to share. Check out this music video For “Better Place” from Rachel Platten and Nadia Khristean who decided to use my mom and my siblings with her music. Hopefully it will make you smile! Enjoy!

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