#NANO Survivor

Another NANOWRIMO has come and gone, leaving carnage in its wake. Many times throughout the brutal battle I considered raising my tattered white flag. Who in their right mind thought challenging writers to create on a consistent basis for THIRTY DAYS straight during THE BUSIEST HOLIDAY SEASON of the YEAR was a good idea? Did they really want to drive the creative types right over the edge and then bury them deep in the pit of madness?

Whoever they were, they’re big ol’ meanies.

But, in the spirit of challenges given since time immemorial, I gamely accepted the quest and now I stand before you (okay, maybe hunch before you, bags deep enough to hide a body under my eyes, a skin tone to rival the walking dead, and a mind much less stable than when I started) and proclaim, “I HAVE WON NANO! SO TAKE THAT YOU, DEVIOUS MINDED BASTARDS!”

Yep, I started Nano with the plan to use it to write the majority of the fifth Kyn book, SHADOW’S DREAMS. The day after stuffing my face with carbs and protein, I dragged my carcass across the finish line. Then I took two days off to play catch up–galley edits for MARKED BY OBSESSION, my brother’s wedding celebration (which rocked), and a few last things in regards to my new project submissions–before adding a bit more to my word count total. A whopping 60,510.


Now I’m in the final stretch for finishing up SHADOW’S DREAMS and it’s looking like the deadline to get it to my editor is within reach. Then, my dear, sweet readers, I’m taking a well-deserved break. It’s been a rough fall, and I could point to any number of reasons, but it’s besides the point, so instead I’ll share the bottom line reasoning in the futile attempt to salvage what’s left of my sanity.

Since SHADOW’S EDGE first published in 2011, I’ve spent the last five and half years writing non-stop and have a total of seven published titles, two titles pending a 2017 release, and a third title currently doing the submission rounds. I always tell myself, when I’m done with this project, I’m going to take a break–at least a month–just to breath. Then, about the two-week mark, I’m back writing another story. This time, I really do need the break.

Every writer needs one from time to time. We use it to refresh our creative well and my well needs some refilling. It’s be a drought of a year. So, I’m hoping to leave my fantastical worlds for at least a month and go visit other people’s fantastical worlds. I’ve got a the challenge of teaching my oldest how to navigate the Mad Max of the roadways, our clan is in the midst of planning our UK trip for summer 2017, and I’ve got friends who’ve forgotten what I look like.

Fret not, because I’ve got a cover reveal (check out the post coming next week), release dates to announce, and, if all goes really well, maybe I’ll get to share some truly exciting news in the next month or two. Until then, you’ll just have to get by with my blog posts or our installments of CONJURING MISERY.

Love to you all!

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