New Contract for Jami’s New Series!


This is me after accepting a two book contract from the lovely Kate Cuthbert and Escape Publishing, the digital-first imprint of Harlequin Australia division for my post-apocalyptic, romantic suspense series that I’ve been shopping around since last year! I’m so freakin’ excited!

Here’s the unofficial blurb for the first book, LYING IN RUINS:

When the world goes to hell, the scavengers rise

The end of the world didn’t arrive in a mushroom cloud or a fiery explosion, instead it collapsed, like a series of falling dominos in the form of viral outbreaks, shrivelling food supplies, creeping shorelines, wild weather, rising panic, and a disintegrating economy—until what remained of humanity struggled for survival in a harsh new reality. 

Charity, an orphan who honed her espionage talents and lethal survival skills early on, now sniffs out pivotal secrets for one of the most powerful people on the west coast as a ‘Hound, even as she seeks to settle a personal score, preferably with the edge of a blade. On a mission to track down a missing child, she crosses paths with Ruin, an intriguing and enigmatic vigilante focused on revenge.

 As one of Fate’s Vultures, a nomadic band of arbitrators known for their ruthless verdicts, Ruin has stood witness to the carnage left in the wake of shifting tides of corruption and greed battering the remnants of humanity, and he bears the scars to prove it.

After Charity spins a story explaining her presence at a brutal blood bath, his hard-won experiences leave him sceptical of the truth. Only after realizing he and the enigmatic blonde bundle of trouble may share a common enemy, does he decide it’s better to work with the devil you know, and reluctantly agrees to partner with her on the hunt.  

Despite their competing agendas and rising attraction, Ruin and Charity set out to uncover the twisted truths behind a series of lethal attacks and kidnappings threatening to rip the fragile ties holding civilization together. In a race against the inevitable, will it be their suspicions or their enemies who tear them apart? 

Unlike my other series, there is no magic or unexplained abilities, but me being me, I can’t not have some kind of twist, so the series takes place 70+ years after modern civilization has been ravaged by men and Mother Nature and on the bones of what used to be the western US. 

The release date is still to be determined, but I can assure you that I’m currently working on the second book, BEG FOR MERCY. 

Stay tuned for more updates and the craziness that is a writer taking on a third series!

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