Romantic Suspense BookBub Giveaway & Holiday Sale! #giveaway #books #amreading


December 10th – 19th!

Have you seen this awesome giveaway from BookSweeps? You can win my book HUNTED BY THE PAST, plus books from authors like Adrienne Giordano, JA Huss, and more. There’s more, you’ll also get a brand new eReader if you win, just for following me and other great Romantic Suspense authorson BookBub. This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry and enter!  Good luck! ✨📚

Join the fun here! 👉

When you’re done, tell me which books you’re most excited to win!


If that wasn’t enough to generate joy for the holidays, LYING IN RUINS, the first in my post-apocalyptic romantic suspense series, Fate’s Vultures, is on sale for $.99!

On a mission to retrieve a kidnapped child, a woman skilled in secrecy crosses paths with a nomadic vigilante bent on revenge. Despite their mutual distrust, the unlikely pair joins forces to hunt a common enemy. Together they must survive the predators picking through the desiccated remains of civilization. What will tear them apart first—their suspicions or their enemies?



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