Happy Turkey Day!

Tis the season to gather with family and friends, while indulging in whatever feast you desire. In the past, we’ve done the traditional bird with all its accoutrements, changed it up with lasagna, and even gone full tilt with tamales (a little early in the season for some, but IMO every day is tamale day).

This year, I’ll be spending the gobble weekend celebrating the joyous occasion of my brother’s nuptials. Even better, I get to hang with my siblings and mom! I’m making sure to count my blessings twice. And speaking of which…

Here’s to all of you–thank you for hanging through the last five years, and hopefully you’ll still be here in five more. You’ll hear it from writers all over, but each of us means it from the depths of our hearts–readers are the BEST things to happened to writers.

I’m wishing you all much love and joy this week, be your celebrations large or small.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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