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 We’re Back! As you can see we’ve done some sprucing up around the ol’ web shack! Beautiful, right? All thanks to a great designer who agreed to help out with our ideas, the renowned Kim Killion with The Killion Group. Not only did we get this lovely set up, we got matching decorations at our other abodes: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We even got spiffy business cards to match. All before we head out to San Diego to participate in RWA’s annual conference in July.

I do have to apologize to our loyal Swamp Followers if your in-box saw sudden flood of old blog posts. We had a minor “oops” with our move. We promise no more flash floods of blog posts.

While you’re here, feel free to poke around!

If you’re up for joining our twice a year newsletter, just add your info over there to the left. We’d love to have you!

There’s our new and improved BOOKS page. Click on the title and-viola!-it’s all there: blurb, Chapter 1, buy links and reviews.

CONJURING MISERY, our old west meets urban fantasy project with Dave Benneman and Camille Douglass has a new room. If you need to catch up before next week’s installment, just click on the Chapter and away you’ll go!

And the one room still under construction: BONUS ITEMS. Here we’ve stashed all our interviews with some great authors (think CE Murphy, Kevin Hearne, Jennifer Estep, Cindy Gerard, Kallypso Masters, Elle Kennedy, and so many more!) I included a few interviews I’ve taken part in, just for curiosity’s sake. You’ll also find the audio trailer from HUNTED BY THE PAST.  Future plans include deleted scenes and character interviews, so don’t forget to peek in every now and then.

Even though I’m neck deep in finishing up a new project, we’re back on schedule on June 30th with the second half of Chapter 5 of Conjuring. Thanks for being patient while we made it all pretty and shiny!


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