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Another blog post so soon, Jami! 
Yep, I know, you’re shocked, but see this is one I’ve been meaning to write for a long time.

I want to thank my readers for being, well, my readers. THANK YOU! Thank you for being willing to pick up my books as they come out, even when the wait is long. Thank you for being brave enough to write to me and share your experiences when you’re done.

You may wonder what prompted this outpouring of appreciation, so I’ll give you some background. While I enjoy writing, I’m also an avid reader. There have been many writers who’ve left an indelible impression on me, where their stories have touched that certain something while I’m caught in their story-telling web. I wish I could say that I’ve let each and every one know how much I appreciated their stories and what they meant to me, but I’m not that brave.

For those who know me, it’s no surprise that I tend to shy away from putting myself out there, even behind the dubious protection of email. Here’s a peek into why: I’m a massive introvert and I somehow convince myself that the author doesn’t really need my email or thanks, so I’ll quietly continue to admire from afar, recommending them to my fellow readers where I can, and occasionally leaving a review (when Amazon lets me). But I have reached out a couple of times to some truly gifted writers, and their responses were humbling and made my insecurities go hide in a corner for a little bit. 

Here’s why I share this. I’ve been blessed to have a couple readers reach out and share how much they enjoy my stories. When those rare emails find their way to me, it makes my entire week and longer. I’m awed by their bravery, because I’ve been in their shoes wondering if I should or shouldn’t hit send. I’m so glad they hit send. Hearing from readers, whether they’re leaving a rating on GoodReads or any number of book sites, or a review, or just dropping a line to say, “I really enjoyed your story,” it’s the tender that helps fuel a writer’s creative fire. 

As writer, you tend to get caught up in your head. Let’s be honest, it’s a tad crowded with characters, worlds, and stories, so you can lose track of the real world and your impact on it. When a reader is courageous enough to reach out, I don’t hesitate to respond. I can’t, because if they’re brave enough to start the conversation, I must honor that offering by accepting it and returning it with a humble heart. Besides, that’s why I write–I want others to share in my stories.

So thank you to all those who reach out, and those who read my stories, hit the end and think, “That was worth it.” Thank you all for taking a chance and coming along for the ride. You guys make it all worthwhile!




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