Tackling the Nightmare of Authors – #BookMarketing

My mom always told me if I wanted to make sure I did something, I should write it down, because then you mean it. My mom is wise in the ways of life, so here goes…as a published author I will freely admit that out of everything in this industry, the area that is my kryptonite is the notorious fiend of frustration known as Marketing. Every where a writer turns, they are bombarded with information, suggestions, advice and every other thing you can imagine, on how to find this illusive beast. Considering the actual map to discovery shifts with every seeker, it makes it a cunning foe.

Therefore, when I ran across Rachel Thompson (better known as the genius behind @BadRedheadMedia) and her 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, I adjusted my jeans with a determined hip wiggle, took a deep breath and made the decision that March Shall Be The Month of Marketing.

Let’s be honest, it’s 30 freaking days. Even I can manage this, right? Therefore, as I write this at the end of February, consider this post my “writing it down” commitment to seeing it through. Even though I’m in the midst of my WIP, I have faith that I can carve out the time and dedication to see this through. Hopefully in April, I’ll be able to report back with what I’ve discovered. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find my own path to nirvana this time. Once that won’t land me in a pit of frustrated, hair-pulling, despondency and perhaps set me upright on the correct marketing path.

Wish me luck!

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