A Writer’s Holiday…

So this week the the Evil Dwarves headed out on a well earned vacation, a true writer’s holiday. Since summer in the swamp is not really an ideal way to coax your muse into a sharing frame of mind, we decided to offer them some time up in the mountains. Unfortunately, the gods of the isle of fire had followed my clan home and set up shop about where we were thinking of sneaking away to. So, I have to admit I was expecting:

Imagine my surprise when we arrived and found this instead:

As long as you don’t mind a little brown along the edges of your forest line, it’s absolutely gorgeous. A great spot to entice those pesky muses to sit down and cooperate for a little while. Since I missed last week on the blog due to circumstances beyond my control (an irritating gnat known as the “real world” intruded) I thought I’d take a few minutes to share the joy of finding a spot away from the day-to-day reality demands that can tempt a writer to stray away from the keyboard.

So before I began interrupting the sounds of nature with the soft clacking of the keyboard as I put to paper Raine and Gavin’s next adventure, it’s a strangely unreal experience not to have to worry about cooking anything (we have enough food to feed an invading army if so inclined), watering the hellhound, providing nourishment for the Prankster Duo, or being tempted (on oh so many levels) by my own knight in shining armor, I’m actually daunted by the fact I find myself with almost three days of uninterrupted writing. It’s enough to send a girl into a swoon!

Until next week, go forth and live your own adventures!

PS: And not to rub noses of those left behind, but it’s only in the 70’s over here.

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