Fur Ninjas of Destruction Strike Out #writerpets

Last week you met our newest additions, the Fur Minxes, Angel and Lola. They have acquired a new moniker: Fur Ninjas of Destruction. To date, the girls have decided their home and clan have been threatened by:

  1. Two stuffed ducks bent on world domination
  2. One outdoor lounger cushion contemplating overthrowing the government
  3. A nightstand lamp cord infiltrating the secured based
  4. Two dastardly, dangerous remote controls bent on taking over OUR MINDS….


The girls are great protectors…in their own minds. We’ve also discovered that Lola (remember the sexy little black number?) is a massive love bug, to the point she doesn’t understand why, when you sit down, you don’t want her to join you. At fifty pounds at six months, this is not something I want to encourage considering where we’ll be in another six months. I’m not sure my lap can handle the pressure. Lola’s preferred sleeping position is on her back, legs in the air, much to the dismay of her sister, Angel.

Ahhh, Angel, another misnomer (again, stunning in white fur). This little bombshell can outrun a hummingbird on crack, plus we think she’s our instigator…maybe. She also watches TV. No, seriously, she WATCHES TV. There was this commercial with a cat walking along the screen, when it disappeared off the screen, Angel was off to hunt it down. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a while.

The Knight and I forgot what having a six-month old puppy was like, nevermind doubling it. However, we wouldn’t trade these two for anything. Now if I can survive the next six months, I might survive the girls’ idea of protection.


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