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Roughly five years ago this month, I had the opportunity to interview a brand-new writer friend, Liv Rancourt right about the time her tale of love between an unconventional angel and a single 40 something mom in FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN came out. Now I’m tugging her back into the spotlight just in time for her newest release, AQUA FOLLIES.

The first thing I read from Liv was one of her first books, A VAMPIRE’S DEADLY DELIGHT. I laughed the whole way through. Liv does a wonderful job of combining a great story with a sneaky wicked bite. With each book she writes, Liv’s writing gets better. Never fear, if you’re not into things that go bump in the night, she has many delightful stories to share. But be warned, while every book is different, each story is grounded in the love between two individuals, and in some, such as AQUA FOLLIES, no topic is off limits as love supersedes traditional norms.

In her latest release, AQUA FOLLIES, Liv takes on the intricate topic of homosexuality in 1955 Seattle, earning my respect and admiration. Every writer knows there are dangerous waters to tread in storytelling, but Liv doesn’t let it stop her. She dives right in and shows us a heartbreakingly, beautiful love story.

No matter if she’s tugging you along the sandy beach of ALOHA BABY, crouching in the menacing shadows of VESPERS, or tempting you into a sexy, fun romantic romp with BETWEEN THE SHEETS, Liv always manages to breathe life into her characters until they linger in your memory. She’s definitely a name you’ll want to add to your reading pile.












If you want to hunt Liv down, you can find her here:




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