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Normally, I do my Read, Interview, and Review segment here. This month I’m doing just a Read and Review, mainly because I never got a chance to do the interview part with this lovely writer. However, her books are ones I have to share. Without further ado, may I introduce your new best friends, Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chicks.

If you’re looking to find a great series with a cast you could only dream of being part of, you’ll want to snag these books and take a seat (not the one by the window) at Fortnum’s Bookstore and let Tex whip up your favorite coffee mix and watch the wildly wonderful relationships unfold. Hang tight as we follow along as our new besties dodge bullets, take up pole dancing, become Taser Queens, undergo bomb style home remodeling, and generally wreck havoc through the criminal element as the alpha males try to manage the fallout and keep up. Yeah, the Rock Chicks are my kind of women–strong, feisty, and human enough to break your heart.

Once finished with Rock Chicks, Kristen has more places for you to visit as she’s done a brilliant job of tying her worlds together. First up, Colorado Mountain, where you get even more adventure and laughter and love. Much like Rock Chicks, you’ll meet a new group of faces guaranteed to make you want to visit Colorado.

I ran across Kristen Ashley when I picked up a book from her Dream Man Series which ties directly into The Burg series. And if you like your heroes with some grunge on their white hats, you’ll love this series.

But if you really like your heroes lounging in the gray, you’ll want to check out her Unfinished Heroes and then top it off with her Chaos MC. These two lines are not for the faint of heart, so you’ve been warned.

And while I never got a chance to interview Kristen, I did get the unexpected opprotunity to visit with her. Even as I was hyperventilating at sitting next to one of my favorite writers and praying I wasn’t making a total idiot out of myself, I can tell you that the reason Kristen is able to write such beautifully human characters is because she’s a graciously wonderful individual. The reason each of these series rang so deep with me was the fact that despite their complex strengths and flaws these characters faced daunting challenges and still managed to find their way to something astonishingly beautiful.

Once you gorge yourself on these series, you’ll want to go back and pick up her others. She has new series out called The Honey series, an erotic series, and after reading the first one, I find as a writer that I’m in awe of Kristen’s storytelling ability. She managed to create a story about a character I wasn’t sure I could connect to–a dominant female with an submissive alpha male, and although at times the story made me uncomfortable, in the end, it worked because the characters and their stories rang true.

You can find a complete reading list of all of Kristen’s books at her site:


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