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*Takes a deep breath* Smell that? That is the scent of brand, spankin’ new year. Yep, the rough ride of 2016 is in our rearview, and the unexplored road of 2017 lays before us. Before we begin our travels, I must, like all those around me, take a moment to reflect upon the mile posts of yester year and ponder the ones ahead.

Let me just shove these empty coffee cups to the side and pull out last year’s map of travel. *brushing the wrinkled, tear stained, chocolate dotted, map flat* If we look back and retrace our twists and turns, our plotted course for 2016 contained:

  • Scribbling away at newest project

Where are we now: The newest project (LYING IN RUINS) is actually a 4 book, romantic suspense series set against a post-apocalyptic world. It’s currently under editorial review by a handful of publishing experts, and we are awaiting final approval, with a possible contract offer. Updates shall be granted periodically, but we’ve been very picky about finding the right home for this book so it’s slower going than normal. We’ll note this one as “in midst of glory”.

  • Cover art for TOUCHED BY FATE with prayers for imminent release date

Where we are now: TOUCHED BY FATE received a beautiful paint job and hit the road back in early 2016, with the print following at a much more decorous pace in late 2016. Which means we nailed this one.

However, next week on January 10th the third PSY-IV Teams book, MARKED BY OBSESSION, will make its grand debut and we are so freakin’ excited. In fact, it’s doing a month long tour de book blogs and a Goodreads giveaway during the month of February, so stay keep your eyes peeled.

  • Revamp my web world

Where we are now: Ahhh, take a look around. What do you think of now? Do you like her make-over? We do and it’s all thanks to the genius of The Killion Group. We were able to create a streamline image that hits all our social sites like one, bundle of beauteous gorgeousness. Mark this one as complete with fireworks.

  • Attend RWA’s conference in San Diego.

Where we are now: Check this off the list. July came and off we went to San Diego to meander with other likeminded creatives. I gave my reviews upon my return (mixed), but it was a love a break from Arizona’s hell bent, jerky creating, heat. No conferences this year I’m afraid, and probably not for a couple of years as I have two mini-me’s that are college bound during said timeframe and in need of fundage.

  • Post our collaborative serial where the Old West tangles with magic, Conjuring Misery, every couple of weeks

Where are we now: Strangely enough, this lovely serial collaboration with Camille Douglass and Dave Benneman has been a fun, but tough, challenge. While we enjoyed seeing our three styles weaving into one very intriguing story, it’s been hard to ensure it stays on track. However, we have a few more chapters to go before we call it complete. We’re hoping to bring our trio of trouble and mystery to the end of their journey in the next few months. I consider this one a win.

  • Start and complete fifth Kyn book, and ideally aim for an early 2017 release

Where we are now: SHADOW’S DREAMS, the fifth Kyn book centered around Cheveyo and Tala is done and I’m adding the final polishing before handing it over to my editors by end of January. Of course this means our release is probably going to be late 2017. For all intents and purposes, another win.

Which brings us to 2017. What mileposts are in store for this writer? Well, let’s lay them out so we know what we’re looking for:

  • Finish edits on SHADOW’S DREAM and submit to editor – Jan 31, 2017
  • Start new blog series on favorite authors and series reviews – Jan 19, 2017
  • Book tour/Goodreads giveaway for MARKED BY OBSESSION – Feb 2017
  • Spring Newsletter goes out – Apr 2017
  • Get LYING IN RUINS under contract – Apr 2017
  • Finish CONJURING MISERY – May 2017
  • Start/finish second book (Havoc & Mercy) in new series – Feb-Jun 2017
  • Enjoy trip to UK with Knight and Prankster Duo – May/Jun 2017
  • Summer Newsletter goes out – Jul 2017
  • Start/finish third book (Simon & Vex) in new series – Jul-Dec 2017
  • Fall Newsletter goes out – Oct 2017
  • Book tour/Goodreads giveaway for SHADOW’S DREAM – Dec 2017

Trust me, this roadmap shall be bumpy and filled with detours because they always are, and that’s the beauty of it. However, since my mom, the wisest woman in the world, always said if you really wanted to accomplish something, write it down, I’m writin’ it all down.

What are you writing down?

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