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Hey you! Yes, you! Want to see what I’ve got? Promise it’s the good stuff! Release dates!

For all my Kyn readers, I’m thrilled to share that Cheveyo and Tala’s book, SHADOW’S DREAMS is tentatively scheduled for a February 2018 release. While I don’t have the cover goodness to share yet, I do have the blurb:

SHADOW’S DREAMS – Book 5 of The Kyn Kronicles

Bitter betrayals and hidden truths forge shattered dreams…

Cheveyo, the most powerful Magi in the Northwest Kyn, lives with one regret—walking away from Tala Whiteriver. When he is sent to broker an alliance with the Southwest Kyn, he recognizes his chance to rectify his mistake, but soon realizes the challenge may be more difficult than expected.

As the youngest Kyn to lead a house, Tala’s a force to be reckoned with, but her role came at a steep price. When an unprovoked attack by the Southwest alpha threatens her position and forces her to face judgement, she finds an unexpected ally in the man who once claimed her heart.

As a series of deadly events unfolds, tensions began to rise between the Southwest houses, with a Tala firmly trapped in the center. Before Tala and Cheveyo can quell the approaching storm, they must untangle a treacherous plot and expose the architects of a devil’s bargain designed to fracture the Kyn.

Will Cheveyo and Tala be able to move beyond the confines of their positions and trust their hearts to forge new dreams before the impending nightmare sweeps them apart forever?

If you haven’t pick up my Kyn books, now’s the time to catch up, starting with: 


“SHADOW’S EDGE by Jami Gray will definitely keep you on the edge…of your seat, that is. This fantastic paranormal action novel is quite possibly the best book I’ve read this year.”

“Fans of Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series and Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series will enjoy the introduction to the paranormal world created by Jami Gray.”


But that’s not the only news, the second in my latest series, Fate’s Vultures, has a tentative release date. BEG FOR MERCY is Havoc’s story.

Choosing a side has never been so dangerous…

In the grim aftermath of what became known as The Collapse, humanity faces an uncertain future as they struggle to find their footing in a volatile new reality.

An assassin by trade, a loner by nature, Mercy is sent to infiltrate the Cartels and unmask the identity of their new silent partner. Instead, she discovers a darker plan threatening to crumble the entire Southwest and then framed for murder, throwing her mission into turmoil. Despite the hefty bounty on her head, she’s determined to stop the impending attack at any costs. Unexpected help arrives when she stumbles into the disturbing arms of Havoc, a member of the notorious Fate’s Vultures.

After enduring a brutal, blood soaked lesson on the savagery of civilization’s scavengers, Havoc is well acquainted with the horrific consequences of battling predators. But as a member of the nomadic band of arbitrators known as Fate’s Vultures, he’s determined to cement the necessary allies to oust the biggest threat looming on the horizon. When an enigmatic woman crosses his path, her secrets and troubling loyalty light the fuse on an unexpected craving and his insatiable curiosity.

In order to trap a common foe and derail an impending threat, Havoc and Mercy must turn the tables from prey to predator. Can the assassin and Vulture find their balance on the thin line of loyalty before it snaps under the weight of their wary hearts sending them into an inevitable fall?

Want to catch up on this series, then pick up 


“…a solid dystopian story…well written…A re-read.”

“LYING IN RUINS by Jami Gray is proof that love can be found in the most unlikely places and no amount of denial will deter its path! Feel the heat that blossoms in a world that has become a cesspool of death.

“Jami Gray just got marked on my watch list!” 

And if that wasn’t enough to tease your interest, I’ll be hanging out at the Mesa Book Festival on December 9th with fellow UF author, DeAnna Browne. If you’re around, come find us, we’d love to meet you!

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  1. Can’t wait for the new Kyn book. It’s been too long since Raine has broken my heart and inflamed my passions.
    I’m having a difficult time seeing Havoc in a relationship, should be interesting to see how that comes about.

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