What’s The Plan Stan—Cover Reveal of Upcoming Release and News #newreleases #UF

Hey my loyal followers, I have a new release coming September 22nd, a collection of Kyn short stories called TANGLED IN SHADOWS and it’s available for PRE ORDER. Even better? It’s only 99 cents! It contains three new stories, plus the previously release WRAPPED IN SHADOWS that was part of the THINGS THAT GO BUMP FOR THE HOLIDAYS anthology. Curious? Good, may I present:


Tangled In Shadows

In a world of intrigue and shadows, tangling with the monsters can leave its mark…

Step into the world of Jami Gray’s Kyn with this collection of short stories, and discover why readers are disappearing into this exciting, Urban Fantasy series.

Wrapped In Shadows, .5 (previously published in Things That Go Bump For The Holidays)

The magic of the holiday season can be hell…

Elite Kyn, Gavin Durand and Raine McCord, are called in to investigate the aftermath of a Christmas engagement party gone horrifically wrong, only to face an unexpected gift.

Submerged in Shadows, 1.5

Treasures from the deep come in all shapes and sizes…

Forced on an unwanted vacation, Raine soon discovers that boredom is the least of her worries when danger washes ashore, bringing unexpected complications.

Masked by Shadows, 2.5

Nothing is ever easy…

For Gavin and Raine the job is simple, deliver a package to an interested party in New Orleans. Yet even the easiest job can mask unexpected challenges.

Ensnared by Shadows, 3.5

Deception leaves a tangled web…

Ryuu Kern, Motoki Pack’s Second, is no stranger to sticky situations, but when delectable Division Agent, Iliana Krychek, comes to him for help, it will take more than claws and teeth to untangle a deadly web of deceit.

Available for PRE ORDER at all of the following:


Plus, just in time for the holidays, the first four Kyn novels will be available in one volume. Yep, all four books in one. Promise to share cover and info once it’s all finalized.

However, this isn’t the end of my news. For those who love my PSY-IV Teams, the second book, TOUCHED BY FATE is currently in midst of edits and should hit shelves in early 2016. I’m currently in the midst of the third book. MARKED BY OBSESSION and hope to hand my precious bundle over to my editors near the beginning of the year. Fingers crossed we get a late 2016 release date. So 2015 will be the year of the Kyn and 2016 year of the PSY-IV Teams.

I must give a huge shout out to all the fabulous authors who came and kept my blog site from collecting cobwebs over the summer. If you missed any of the posts, feel free to go back and check them all out. We had some really great books come through our humble abode.

All right, my Muse is flicking her whip impatiently, so I must return to wordsmithing. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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