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Let’s start the new year off right. Today we’re taking part in the Almost Kiss, No Kiss blog fest. You know what I’m talking about…that scene you read that gets your pulse racing, anticipation firing numerous warning shots, but instead of the expected follow through, the scene veers to left or right or a completely unknown path. That’s what we’re celebrating and you can join by clicking on the picture above to find more heart pounding near kisses, or the link here:

No Kiss Blog Fest

As January 17th is almost around the corner, I thought I’d share a peek into the fourth Kyn installment, SHADOW’S CURSE before it debuts. May I give you Natasha and Darius….

Shadows Curse CoverNatasha stopped in front of the fire and the minor question disappeared like smoke. Those slim shoulders dropped, and she dragged a hand through her white-blonde curtain of hair, leaving it a tumbled mess. One his fingers itched to dive into. She turned her head, the firelight lining her profile with dancing shadows. Unexpected lust spiraled through Darius, his body hardening.

Her lips held a soft curl. “Are you going to watch me all night?”

He blinked as her question sank in. Releasing his hold on the concealing shadows, he faced her. “How long?”

Those blue eyes deepened into an inky mystery as they traveled over his loose, low-slung pants and bare chest. He reacted to the caress of her gaze as if it was a physical touch. His blood running hot and thick, need coming up on point. When their stares finally locked, he found an answering desire flickering in her depths. Her pink tongue swept out over her bottom lip. A nervous tic or deliberate provocation? Did it really matter?

“Before I dialed Rio.” Her voice was a husky rasp.

It took his brain a second to catch up. He gave himself a metaphoric head slap. Get your head in the game, ass! He prowled closer until he stood inches from her. She held her position, her face in profile above her shoulder, watching him from under those thick, dark lashes. Her unique fragrance of night blooming jasmine laced with feminine heat drifted to him. Keeping his hands at his side, he dipped his head and drew the scent deep into his lungs. His mark lay like a faint bruise against her alabaster skin, a temptation he choose not to ignore. He pressed the lightest of kisses to it, inordinately pleased with the rapid rise and fall of her chest. Lifting his head, he held her bemused gaze. “You didn’t give him my name.”

Her throat worked as she swallowed. “Rumors fly faster than light, he may find you out soon.”

“Perhaps.” He searched her face, taking in the light rose under her cheeks, the widening of her eyes and the small pants as she fought for air. He’d like to capture those lips and plunder until she could only breathe what he shared with her. The overly possessive urge had him straightening with a jerk and stepping back. The attraction between them was…uncomfortable.

Under his skin, his demon hissed and clawed, furious at what the man was denying them both. He shook his head sharply. No, fucking this woman would only complicate an already difficult situation. Needing to regain control, he struck out, using the tools at his disposal. “Do you think seducing me will keep you safe?”

She stiffened, then deliberately turned fully towards him with haughty grace. Her rising signs of desire disappeared under a cold, mocking mask, her eyes flashing as her lips curled in contempt. “May I remind you, you invaded my bedroom, Mr. Abazi.” Ice dripped from her words. “Is that normal for one of the Order? Do you normally whore yourself out for the Council?”

Her vicious implication shredded his tenuous control. Before he could rethink the wisdom of his actions, he had her curvy body plastered against his front. Those red tipped nails bit against the skin of his chest, his erection cradled against her stomach while his hand tangled in the platinum mass as he held her captive. “No more than you’d whore yourself for your precious houses,” he growled, before taking her mouth with a barely leashed savagery. No gentleness, only pure lust and need swirling in a savage storm. He ravaged with punishing intent, small bites and rapacious tongue, unwilling to give her room to escape. She met him with equal heat and passion. Hunger began to edge out his fury, allowing him to fill the sting of her nails as they raked against his chest. He loosened his grip, allowing her to yank out of his hold.

He looked down, unsurprised to find bloody gouges scoring his skin. His animalistic side took satisfaction in the sight. He lifted his head in time to catch the tail end of her wiping the back of her hand over her swollen mouth. The wavering image of her demon hovered around her like a barely remembered dream.

She faced him, her hands fisted at her side, chest heaving. “Touch me again, Abazi and I’ll shred your balls into confetti,” she hissed.

He smiled and crossed his arms over his chest, ignoring his still seeping wounds. “Challenging me isn’t in your best interests, darling, but you’re welcome to try.”

Those lips thinned and the feral hiss was all that escaped. His smile widened. Rendering her speechless was quite rewarding, but it didn’t last long. Regrettably, she pulled herself together much faster than he liked, the revealing mirage of her demon whisked away, leaving the controlled corporate maven behind. “I have no intention of challenging you.”

He raised an unbelieving eyebrow. “What intentions do you harbor?”

She studied him, her thoughts well shielded. “I intend to uncover who’s setting me up, regardless of who’s pulling the strings.”

“And then?”

Her smile was all predator. “Then, I’ll remind them of what happens to those who go against me.”

“Even if it brings you and yours unwanted attention?” he pushed.

Her chin lifted. “It’s never smart to rattled the cage of a beast you can’t handle. Something someone’s forgotten.”

He titled his head in wry acknowledgement.

She strolled to the door and pulled it open. “Get out.” A tremor ran through the low words. Fury or fear, he wasn’t sure.

Knowing if he pushed her any further, one or both of them would pay for it. Perhaps in flesh and blood. He strolled to the door, only to stop in front of her. He raised a finger and drew it down her pale jaw, impressed when she didn’t visibly react. “You asked Rio a question.”

Stiff and unbending, she held her tongue.

“Would you like an answer?” He caught the flicker of unease she tried to hide. “You are being hunted, Natasha.”

Hope I managed to snag your interest! You can get all of Natasha and Darius’s story January 17th when SHADOW’S CURSE hits shelves. Until then, go forth and enjoy some really intriguing reads with the Almost Kiss, No Kiss blog fest...

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