Surviving November #holidayprep #survivingNANO

For those who are interested, I did survive November. Not just the adjustment to a new job-that-pays-the-bills, but the whole stuffed-bird-family-invasion aspect and, because I didn’t have enough stress, the carnage of NANO. Which reminds me, huge congrats to all who participated and managed to carve out words this past month. Whether you won or not, YOU FRICKIN’ ROCK!


Yep, although I started out vehemently against doing NANO this year, I was sucked in with big puppy dog eyes (that would be my RWA chapter intent on word domination) and wanting to make one of my editors very, VERY happy. We finished the challenge at just over 56K. Since the third installment of the PSY-IV Teams began November as a toddler, it will graduate with honors in December. In fact, if all goes as planned this weekend, it will be wearing the crown of “FINISHED” by Sunday night. Then I shall proceed to add a bit of shiny and nudge it along to the welcoming hands of my editor.

Only then shall I be able to sit back, take a deep breath, wrap some gifts, plan a few get togethers, catch up on recorded shows, devour as many TBR titles as possible until I threaten to “pop” (per image below), and basically wallow in the season of holiday cheer.


Once I surface from that, I’ll began a new project that I’ve been oh-so-anxious to do, and hopefully I’ll manage to stay submerged for the next five to six months. Never fear, I’m not leaving you all hanging. I’m hoping to get a release date for PSY-IV Teams #2, aka TOUCHED BY FATE, and a cover to share. If I’m a really good girl, maybe my editor may give me a discreet head nod to get PSY-IV Teams #3, aka MARKED BY OBSESSION, a late 2016 release date.

So I’m curious, my lovely followers, what are you doing, who are you seeing, where are you going, or what are your plans as you burrow in for the holidays?

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